Monday, January 23, 2012


I put some more stitches into the one on the left over the IHSW.

I had hoped to be farther along but had to frog a bit as I decided I wanted to keep stitching Saturday night even though I was really tired.

It's been a while ...

... approximately three months since I did any stitching on Teresa Wentzler's Tracery Dragons. But I decided to make the dragons my focus project for the International Hermit and Stitching Weekend and made a reasonable amount of progress. After the long break, it was surprisingly easy to recover my rhythm and enthusiasm for this piece. It even seemed easier to stitch, somehow. Go figure that one out! Though I really don't get much stitching time in the early part of the week, usually an hour or less a day, I think I'll continue to make this my focus piece through Wednesday. I am anxious to see just how far I can get with this project before the week is out.