Monday, August 29, 2011

Mediterranean Mermaid Start

Mediterranean Mermaid by Mirabilia
Here is my first 5 days of progress.  This is a fun design to stitch.  The fabric is 28 count opalescent lugana from Polstitches (the color is called Friendship). 
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FutureCast @ 13 hours

I have named her Calypso, pretty name for a pretty little dragon :) I worked a few more hours on her by candlelight last night while the power was out due to Tropical Storm Irene. Now I am going back to QS Lilith for a few more hours, I may put another couple of hours into Calypso tonight if I have time. Next week I hope to be able to get to Waterville to pick up the fabric I need to finish her off. I am shooting to have her done in under 25 hours, there is still a good bit left to do on her so we'll see.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hello Everyone

Hello everyone :) I am new here to this blog. My name is AmyJo and I live in Athens,Maine. I have been cross stitching for about 10 years now. I also make doll and miniature quilts. If you would like to stop by my blog and say hello it can be found here.

This is a freebie that I found on the Teresa Wentzler website and it is called Futurecast. I am doing it as a gift for my Aunt Kim for Christmas, her favorite color is purple so I went with a purple/teal conversion for it. I even know how I am going to finish it, over on the blog Random Ramblings there is an awesome tutorial for a fabric -mat that I think would make this look stunning ! I can't wait to finish it, this scan is about 7 hours in.

This is my Nimue's "La Pipe", I had to restart him because I just hated the fabric that I was stitching him on. I was stitching him over 2 on 25 ct Dublin Linen with 3 strands, now I am stitching him on 32 ct Antique White evenweave. I am stitching him for Larry for his 43rd Birthday in November. I hope he will be done in time, currently he is at 23 hours and comes back up in my rotation in 2 slots for another 7 hours. I am hopeing that I can get his legs, a bit of the pipe and some B.S. done in those 7 hours.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A gift from my secret sister

Cerys, on Enchanted Fabrics Forum.  I received Nora Corbet Tigerlily as my final package from my secret sister along with the beads and kreink.  Well having no will power I immediately added her to my new rotation, and since I was ready to start my next item, just kinda slid her in there to stitch.  I had some gorgeous Polstitches Opalescent Belfast in Toffee Popsicle to stitch on, just begging for this design.  So here is my first rotation on her.  She stitches up sooo fast.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Joan Elliott Unicorn and Maiden Progress

This is how far I have gotten on The Unicorn and Maiden. Going on to next design in my rotation and then get back to her. Hopefully will have more progress soon. Next is Mirabilia Red Lady Pirate in the rotation.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I have started the back stitch on my Rose Fairy, I will come back to her the first week in September  for my UFO week.  I decided to stitch the detail on her wings in one of the pinks of the rose, DMC602  instead of the darker colour in the original design.
The  detail on her dress is DMC600.After that I have  a few beads to stitch on the design :)

So What is Everyone Working on

this week?  It is back to school week so many of us are wound up in getting the kids on their way!  So stitching is an after thought for many of us. 

If you have time, send us a picture of what you are stitching.

I am working on DSotM Pirate Queen.  She has a face now :)...

So I really want to see what you have been working on!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

hello all

First of all, thank you Terry for letting me post here aswell. Loving fantasy things so much, most of my stitches are fantasy projects that this blog is so nice.

So, as of today I'm the newest member of this blog. I'm Babs and some of you might know me allready from my own blog, but hey, you can also look here to the wonderfull other things the other people made. ;-) I'm 24 years old and I live in the wet Belgium. It's under the Netherlands and next to France and Germany if that says more, it's a small country, but we have very good chocolate and beer. A somekind of fantasy beer aswell, Cuvee des Trolls (Trolls Beer)...

But offcourse, this blog isn't about beer or chocolate, but about our fantasy stitching. So let me tell you what I love to stitch. So far I haven't stitched a lot yet, with work and so, and I don't stitch so long yet.

I fell in love Heaven and Earth Designs, and I'm stitching a piece of Amy Brown at the moment, called Bottom of the Garden.

It's a huge piece, and it won't be finished somewhere in the next few years...

I also love Joan Elliott pieces. I finished the Summer Fairy and I'm stitching the Earth Goddess at the moment. Here you can see my Summer Fairy framed.

There are a lot more things I hope to still stitch, but then there is time, but one stitch at a time, we will make georgeous things, I guess.

I hope to see you all around and happy stitching,

Love, Babs

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rose Fairy Update

I did some stitching during UFO week on the stitching forum to which I belong, and decided to carry on until the light effects threads in the fairy's wings gave me a headache. I really do not like stitching with these threads even though I use Thread Heaven.I have been very patient and am getting on ok.I will have a break after finishing the third wing. 
I am only going to back stitch the fairy because I like the softer look of the rose and foliage without it and tbh I don't think the back stitch is needed..the colours Joanne Sanderson chose for this design contrast so well that the petals and leaves speak for themselves..IMHO. Anyway enough talking.. here's a photo :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stitching Bucket List

After I finished Morning Fae, I was deciding on my rotation and my mind wandered to all the things I want to finish before I can no longer stitch, so here is my Stitching Bucket List. 
LHN - Home of A Needleworker 2
DSOTM - Pirate Queen
Passione Ricamo - Circe the Sorceress
Kustom Krafts - Little Snapdragon
Joan Elliott - Mystical Muse
Patricia Allison - Dragon Carousel
Nora Corbet - Fern
Joan Elliott - Sea Goddess
Nimue - Clair de Lune
Joan Elliott - Blossom Splendor
FireWing - Dragonfly 1: Mushroom Magic
Passione Ricamo - Seasonal Fairies
Joan Elliott - Elemental Goddesses
Dark Side of the Moon - Vana and the Dragons
Joan Elliott - Iris Fairy
Joan Elliott - Green Goddess
Nora Corbett - Pansy
Mirabilia - Sept. Sapphire Fairy
Joan Elliott - Rose Fairy
Joan Elliott - Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn Fairies
Mirabilia - South Seas Mermaid
Nora Corbett - Iris
Joan Elliott - Rose Goddess
Joan Elliott - Moon Goddess
Nora Corbett - Bluebell Fairy
Nora Corbett - Sweet Pea
Passione Ricamo - Galatea
FireWing - Eclilpse
Joan Elliott - Fancy Fairy
Joan Elliot - Poppy Fairy
Passione Ricamo - Fairy of Dreams
Nora Corbett - Magnolia
Passione Racamo - Selene
Joan Elliott - Blue Geisha
Joan Elliott - Celestial Dragon
Nora Corbett - Tiger Lily
Passione Ricamo - Serendipity Fae
Joan Elliott - Father Sun
Mirabilia - Fairy Flora
Dragon Dreams - Fairy Tale Sampler

How about you, what is your list of gotta do someday?

Some progress on Tracery Dragons

I am not quite finished with page 2 of the cross-stitching chart. I have to admit I haven't been all that diligent in the past few days. My son and his young family flew in from the West Coast last Thursday and stitching has taken a back seat to visiting with family, especially with the grandchildren. Liam, though only four, is a born performer and knows the way straight to his grandpa's heart: he sang the Washington Redskins fight song, all the way through, word and pitch perfect! Piper Ann, at two, is fearless and climbs playground equipment designed for older and taller children ... while grandma holds her breath and stands by ready to come to the rescue.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Happy Happy Dance

Culmination of 5 to 6 months work.  Taa Daa Finished Passione Ricamo Morning Fae!!!!  Now on to working on my rotation.  I am sooo Happy with her.  She is my first finished Fantasy Lady and I know she wont be my last.  I adore all bling and detail.   I am hyped to stitch!

Tracy's Shorty Cut Morning Fae Completed

I stitched on this one morning, noon, and night for the last 3 days to finish up her wings.  My version of this lovely design is now complete.  I do wish she were sitting on something and had butterflies and hummingbirds around her but I just want to be done with it.  Perhaps I will add that stuff at a later time.  This was stitched on 32 count legacy lugana.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What are your stitching goals?

We are over half way through the year (as I get older the years go by faster).  So what are your stitching goals for the second half of the year?

My major goal is to finish Morning Fae and get a rotation going.  What about you?