Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stitching Bucket List

After I finished Morning Fae, I was deciding on my rotation and my mind wandered to all the things I want to finish before I can no longer stitch, so here is my Stitching Bucket List. 
LHN - Home of A Needleworker 2
DSOTM - Pirate Queen
Passione Ricamo - Circe the Sorceress
Kustom Krafts - Little Snapdragon
Joan Elliott - Mystical Muse
Patricia Allison - Dragon Carousel
Nora Corbet - Fern
Joan Elliott - Sea Goddess
Nimue - Clair de Lune
Joan Elliott - Blossom Splendor
FireWing - Dragonfly 1: Mushroom Magic
Passione Ricamo - Seasonal Fairies
Joan Elliott - Elemental Goddesses
Dark Side of the Moon - Vana and the Dragons
Joan Elliott - Iris Fairy
Joan Elliott - Green Goddess
Nora Corbett - Pansy
Mirabilia - Sept. Sapphire Fairy
Joan Elliott - Rose Fairy
Joan Elliott - Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn Fairies
Mirabilia - South Seas Mermaid
Nora Corbett - Iris
Joan Elliott - Rose Goddess
Joan Elliott - Moon Goddess
Nora Corbett - Bluebell Fairy
Nora Corbett - Sweet Pea
Passione Ricamo - Galatea
FireWing - Eclilpse
Joan Elliott - Fancy Fairy
Joan Elliot - Poppy Fairy
Passione Ricamo - Fairy of Dreams
Nora Corbett - Magnolia
Passione Racamo - Selene
Joan Elliott - Blue Geisha
Joan Elliott - Celestial Dragon
Nora Corbett - Tiger Lily
Passione Ricamo - Serendipity Fae
Joan Elliott - Father Sun
Mirabilia - Fairy Flora
Dragon Dreams - Fairy Tale Sampler

How about you, what is your list of gotta do someday?

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