Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My First HAED

I started my first ever HAED recently, Dragon Soul , and having chosen 28ct evenweave fabric I put in a few stitches and then decided for the sake of my eyes to change to 16ct aida. I bought a 17"x17" snap frame and started again. My Petite Treasure Braid came in the post yesterday,I thought I'd try it instead of the Kreinik suggested. I am in a metallic area so I will be seeing what it looks like next time I pick the design up.

My progress so far.

HAED Winter Spirit

I am currently working on a QS from Heaven and Earth Designs of a painting done by Josephine Wall. It is mainly done up up of blues and purples. Really pretty picture and I can't wait to work on her more. Here is the picture of the painting:

I have been working on this project since maybe mid March. My stitching bug seemed to have left me for about the last two weeks until I forced myself to pick it up again and start working. I am working on 18 count Aida doing full crosses. Almost done the first page, only one other full page to do after then it is all partial pages to do! The colors are off a bit but you get the idea :)