Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Teresa Wentzler BAP: Tracery Dragons

My new TW piece, Tracery Dragons, just eats up stitching time. There are far more quarter stitches than usual ... and Teresa Wentzler is no slouch when it comes to quarter stitches at the best of times. In this piece, the quarter stitches are offset to make skinny little diagonals. Talk about counting twice and stitching once! More like counting three and four times to make sure these wicked little fractionals are in exactly the right place. I can sense the frog waiting in the wings but so far he has not made even a cameo appearance, thank the Lord! The frequent color changes and all the blended needles seem like child's play compared to the fractionals. I foolishly thought that because this piece required only 46 shades of DMC and was a bit smaller than the usual TW chart, it would take only a month or so to stitch. Not likely!! I usually enjoy Wentzler's work since I have a split stitching personality: enjoying the process as much as the end result. But I fear this piece will not give much joy to the process stitcher within. Furthermore, at the moment the piece has all the aesthetic appeal of a three year old's first finger painting: random blobs of color with no discernible design concept. I have to keep looking at the model photo to remind myself of my reason for stitching the piece. Never had to do that before.

The other potential problem with Tracery Dragons is that, though the chart was designed to be used with a dark fabric, I am using a mid-tone fabric. The floss toss looked fine but that isn't always a clear indication of how the stitched piece will look. I want to believe it will be okay since I dislike stitching on very dark fabric. I'll have a pretty good idea once I have finished cross-stitching and back-stitching page three of the chart ...and since that only involves the bottom two inches of the piece, I won't have invested too much time in the project if I decide it doesn't look right. I have some black linen I could use instead if necessary. I hope it won't be necessary, though.

At least the other pieces in my current rotation are easy, quickly finished and visually appealing ... enough to help me get past the initial ugly duckling stage of Tracery Dragons.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I've just looked at the finished piece! TBH I don't think it'll look like anything much until you get the backstitch done. It really is intricate.

I might be tempted to change the dragons to a darker colour since you're using a paler fabric? Don't know how that would work?

Lesley (Home Is Where My Heart Is) said...

I have just had a look at the finished piece too, it certainly is intricate. I hope you will be happy with it on the fabric you have chosen,it is very pretty and the back stitch will enhance the design beautifully.

Terry said...

It is a fantastic start, and I dislike stitching on very dark fabric too. I think once you get the detail going you will be very happy with them. Keep up the great work.

Shelleen said...

You have a great start.