Friday, November 4, 2011

New Fabric Stash

 I am officially addicted to hand dyed fabrics now.  I have stocked up for probably the next year.  The one on the far left is Polstitches called Friendship which is a twin of the one I used for Mediterranean Mermaid.  The one in the middle is a small piece from Crossed Wing Collection (no opalescents) called Blueberry.  The 5 pieces on the right are all from Sunny Dyes Fabric, a new fabric dyer I have found.  This is my first time buying from them and I had great customer service and the product looks great.  The link for their website can be found on my sidebar.  I am in a 28 count mood these days, it just seems to look so much nicer and more even than 32 count in my opinion, so I felt the need to stock up on this count fabric.  Most of these will probably be used for Mirabilias.  Maybe a Passione Ricamo or Lavender and Lace might make it on one of these as well as some Heritage Stitchcrafts (I am liking the Valerie Pfeiffer Duets series and am contemplating the Elegance series).
Here is the progress I am making on Fairy Flora as of late; I am really trying to hustle on it since I am so close to finishing.  Also, I met some ladies at a stitching get together this week who have really inspired me so I have a new enthusiasm for my stitching projects.
I also added a little to Venetian Opulence since I last posted about her but instead of being done in a couple of weeks (this one is going to be just a portrait), I will not be done until sometime after I complete Fairy Flora.

When these are completed, I will start Mermaids of the Deep Blue On the Aqua fabric you see pictured above.

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Lesley said...

What beautiful fabric *drool* and your Fairy Flora is gorgeous,great update on it.Venetian Opulence is coming on well too,she is very haughty :)

Terry said...

Fantastic Stash. Your projects are coming along so beautifully well done!

stephanie said...

just randomly found your blog! it's adorable! and how talented you are! xo