Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Joan Elliott's Christmas Angel

First off I want to say thank you for letting me join everyone here. I love the whole concept of the idea of posting projects we are all working on! It really has helped me find my stitchy bug again after it went astray a few weeks ago after finishing Emerald Mermaid by Mirabilia, here is a photo of the complete stitching:

I have now moved onto Joan Elliott's Christmas Angel that I have been working on for almost three years now. I have picked her up and put her down many times over the course of these years. I am sure if I just sat down and focused solely on her she would have been complete by now! School had gotten in the way though and so have many other projects but here she is before I started stitching her the past two days:

And here she is after those two days of stitching:

I am taking her to Vancouver with me when we go to visit some family this weekend. Should get in a few good stitching sessions with my mom and auntie. Hopefully she will be all complete and ready to be washed by the time we get back...unless of course I somehow find a new project to stitch while I am away! Like Joan Elliott's Cinderella that my nan just so happened to buy for me and how I can go and buy all of the threads while visiting hehe!!


Lesley said...

Hi Lasting Allure,Emerald Mermaid is gorgeous,congratulations on finishing her and you've done great stitching on your JE Angel. I love those colours.

dulcinella said...

Emerald mermaid is stunning! And you'll get the JE angel done eventually. Happy stitching and buying stash time:-)

Terry said...

Gorgeous work!!

Christina said...

Your mermaid is just beautiful. Nice work on your angel. Looking forward to seeing the end results.

McKenna C. said...

I love the Emerald Mermaid! The angel is really pretty too. Oh I am so jealous of you for getting Cinderella!! :D Can't wait to see you work on it!


LastingAllure said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words! Emerald Mermaid is my first big finish. She took me just over 3 weeks to complete....I lost sleep over finishing her but I think it was worth it in the end lol.

And McKeena C. You should check Joan Elliott's blog in a few months time, Cinderella might be available in the chart! I think it takes up to 6 months before she can offer it on her blog!

Vicki said...

They are both beautiful. Keep up the good work.

Stitching Noni said...

Wow, Emerald Mermaid is stunning - I can't believe it only took you 3 weeks!

I love the Joan Elliott Christmas Angel - looking forward to seeing you finish that one :o)