Friday, May 13, 2011

Am I a Rotation Stitcher?

I am mostly a one at a time stitcher but when I have a very large project that will take me 3 months or more I will incorporate 1 or 2 more pieces.  I will usually work on 1 piece for a week or two, maybe more if I am enjoying it, before switching to one of my other pieces.  Currently I just finished South Seas Mermaid by Mirabilia which was a third start for me when I started it.  I have Fairy Flora on the go and am trying to finish a UFO (Enchanted Alphabet by Lavender and Lace).  I also incorporated one of Nora's letters for my niece during that time.  I am also about to start a new one (since I finished South Seas Mermaid) and was actually inspired by Terry, our host.  The piece is Morning Fae by Passione Ricamo which I have loved since the first time I saw it on ABCstich's website.

I don't usually have UFO's.  The exception being recently (the last year or so) I have accumulated a few UFO's.  Usually if it is a UFO, I won't ever finish it but I have finished a couple of them.

The Mirabilia Stitcher
Tracy in AZ

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Terry said...

Sounds like you have a great rotation working for you. And you will love the way Morning Fae looks in real life, so much better than the picture. Also I did the non metallic parts of the wings in two strands of floss instead of 1, I liked it better that way..