Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fairy Flora's Wings are Completed!

 Fairy Flora by Mirabilia
I am so relieved and happy to have the second wing accomplished!  Although it is hard to tell in the photo, the wings are filled with a metallic blend along with the floss.  The blending filament used in the wings caused this part to be a bear.  Word of advice: find an alternative to kreinik blending filament anytime it is called for in a chart you are stitching.  Almost every strand of blending filament breaks whilst stitching with it, even short strands and threading the needle with it is a test of patience.  Even the beading was a breeze in comparison.  Now that this part is accomplished, the rest is going to be smooth sailing.

The fabric is 32 count Silkweaver Reflections on lugana.  The color is called Enchantment.


Home is Where My Heart Is said...

What a gorgeous design.Her wings are amazing!I love the colour of the flowers and the fabric you have chosen is absolutely perfect.

Home is Where My Heart Is said...

On closer inspection I can see the "flowers" are peaches? and I saw the blending filament in all its glory.

Bernice said...

wow she is a beautiful one. looking forward to seeing more of her.

riona said...

Glissen makes an alternative to Kreinik blending filament ... I have never used it since I've never had a problem with Kreinik after following a tip from another stitcher ... when using blending filament stitch straight up and down [this is easier if you are using a floor stand to hold your stitching frame]. This practice eliminates a lot of the drag on the floss and reduces fraying and breaking. Of course, this slows down the stitching considerably but it is faster than constant stopping and starting to attend to breakage.

Your Fairy is absolutely lovely and well worth the challenge of blending filament.

Terry said...

She is beautiful. You make me want to start one too. You are very speedy and do such beautiful work. I am impressed.

Tracy J said...

Thanks ladies. These comments are well appreciated!