Monday, May 16, 2011

What do You Think constitutes

a "Fantasy" design?

We know dragons, fairies, unicorns or other magical creatures, wizards, witches, sorcerers and sorceresses.

Do you include knights, kings and queens (medieval type), mythology (of all types), beautiful ladies in fancy medieval type costumes, fairy tales,  angels, etc?  What are some ideas of what you think about the subject?


riona said...

All of the above as well as Celtic, Norse, Roman, Greek and other ethnic gods and goddesses.

Because of the palette involved, I love stitching the Green Man and the politically correct but not so authentic Green Woman of Celtic myth.

Tracy J said...

Anything that might be found in the science fiction genre could be labeled fantasy. I have a few Mirabilias that I did not add to this board because they were not strictly fantasy but perhaps they could have been labeled fantasy: Summer Queen, Athena Goddess of Wisdom and a few others.

Here is what google images comes up with:

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I suppose Fantasy is anything you don't see in real life. So no teddy bears and no country cottages (unless they are made of gingerbread!)

I hate labelling things too much with a genre label. It was my least favourite part of being a librarian - putting a single genre label on each book.

Shelleen said...

I thought about joining the blog as I stitch a lot of HAED but didn't know what counted as fantasy.

Vicki said...

I have most of the Mirabilia queens. I think it would be great to put them here.