Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jo's Rotation

Hey!  This is my post that went AWOL during the Friday 13th outage.  I found it lurking as a draft.  So here belatedly is my take on rotational stitching:

Okay just to be awkward - I do a rotation by the time of day!

Daytime is a simple project I can pick up and put down.  At the moment it's the Dark Alphabet.

Supervising small boy's bathtime I am currently stitching JE's Oriental Waving Cat from the WOCS free booklet.  (finished this now, doing PR Celebration Fairy)

Evening when boys are in bed is a big project.  Currently Mira's Bluebeard's Mermaid for one metric week (10 days) then a "can you tell what it is yet" project which I won't name as it'll spoil the guessing fun!

Have done two more letters since then but can't show a pic yet due to Blogger's temper tantrums.


Tracy J said...

love your mermaid!

Christina said...

They are all great.