Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Few of My Dragons

If I ever get around to fixing the boys' old bedroom up as a sewing/craft/computer room, I will have a Dragon Wall to show off all my dragons ... at least, the ones I haven't already given to my daughter who also has a fondness for the beasts.

As part of the get acquainted process on this new blog, I thought I'd share a few of my dragon finishes with you. The first two are Dragon Dreams pieces: on the left is The Ice Dragon's Kingdom and on the right is Stormbringer. The one at the bottom is
Cross-Eyed Kat's Red Dragon from the Snowball Fight series. I'd love to get the other colors in this series but it was a limited edition series and offered only to certain retailers who attended particular shows, so they are hard to come by. If any of you ladies have any for sale or trade, I would certainly be interested.

I'll post more dragon finishes over the next few weeks. And I look forward to seeing all of your finishes, as well.


Terry said...


My first major project was Teresa Wentzlers Castle. I really wasn't experience enough to do it, but I plowed through and was so happy I did. I also have done some dragon dreams ones and a couple of RRs with dragons in them :).. Have you checked out the cute needlebook on by Teresa Wentzler with the dragon, too cute. Magic Dragon I did was a free design with some Charles craft fabric, it was a 14 count and I rarely use 14 cout but bought it just for the design, lol.

Your dragons are beautiful. Can't wait to see more.

Vicki said...

These are beautiful. You stitch beautifully. Will keep checking to see more.

Bernice said...

wow your dragons are so pretty.

Christina said...

Everyone has such wonderful pieces.
Stitches N Things has some of the other dragons left from the snowball fight series.

Christina said...

Everyone has such beautiful work. Just to let you know Stitches N Things has a few of the other colored dragons from the snowball fight series.