Monday, May 16, 2011

Metallic Threads

Like or dislike?
I love the way they look...I use mostly Kreinik and Petite Treasure Braid.  My favorite is the PTB, but there are so many colors in the Kreinik.  and they add so much especially to Miras, Passione Ricamos and Joan Elliotts.

One thing I did figure out.  It is wise to keep a separate needle for metallic threads and one for the DMC or other cotton you are using (or silk).  The metallic thread can rub a barb on the eye of the needle.  If you use the same needle on cotton, etc, it will shred the fibers.  I try to keep a separate needle for each.

So do you prefer a specific metallic, whatever they say, or skip it all together.



riona said...

I like using metallics for a little flash in my fantasy projects and have enjoyed those that I have used: Kreiniks blending filaments and braids and Rainbow Gallery's Petite Treasure Braids. The only ones I actively dislike are the DMC metallics which I found to be very harsh, likely to kink and twist, and just plain old uncooperative. I have some Glissen blending filament I will be using in a new project soon ... I have heard that it is nicer than Kreinik but I've never had a problem with Kreinik, myself. I also enjoy using beads ... there is something so satisfying about the rhythm of beading. The one thing I have never really cared for is fabric that has metallic threads woven right into the linen. I do have one piece from my Silkweaver Fabric of the Month in Autumn Sunrise that I will be using for a few projects ... let's see if I change my mind.

Tracy J said...

I like the look the metallics give a project. I wouldn't skip it just to make life easier. I really like the Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid but will use what the chart calls for so the color will match. One exception might be, as you know by now, I will never use the Kreinik blending filament ever again, I would find an alternative.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The Blending Filament put me off Kreinik for years but I have recently become converted. after stitching Frosty Morning with it.
I mainly use DMC (Cheapo!) and am quite happy with it. I won a pile of Madeira Metallics recently but haven't used them yet.
I love beads and really enjoy putting them on a design. I often swap them with French Knots which I'm not so keen on.
I even cut a load of beads off a cardigan I was throwing out so I didnt waste them!