Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rotation or Not?

Do you follow a rotation method or are you a one at a time stitcher?

I am currently only stitching Morning Fae but I used to rotate my projects all the time.  I am thinking about going back to that method.  I sometimes get bogged down doing one project and need a change of project to get me rejuvenated and motivated

What about you?


riona said...

Generally, I do follow a rotation method and have four or five projects in my "current stitching" bag at any given moment. But this year is slightly different, since I am participating in the Crazy January Challenge and started the year out with 15 Challenge projects in addition to my carryover of three 2010 WIPs and eleven 2010 UFOs. The rotation is a little more crowded [and frenzied] then in past years but it is still a rotation, I guess.

Home is Where My Heart Is said...

I am rotating three projects and doing some hardanger as well, which is new for me.I would like to finish these three and then I'll be starting with nothing in my WIP/UFO pile for the first time ever:)

Vicki said...

Like Terry, I used to do rotations. But got where I focused on one item. I think I get bored and just quite stitching now. So, I think I am gonna go back to doing a rotation again.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'm strictly a OAATer! But this year I have tried rotating as I'm doing a Mira Mermaid SAL one week a month.
I don't like it! My "week" always stretches into 10 days because I don't want to put her away. The I start something else and don't want to put that down to start Mermaid again.
I do have a small project going alongside my larger projects to stitch during the day when the boys are about. So maybe I'm a TAAT (two at a time)

Terry said...

If your week stretches into 10 days, you could change your rotation to 10 day groups, lol