Saturday, May 14, 2011

SAL Day - When?

What day of the week will work best for all those who want to have a Joan Elliott SAL?

Also, Are there any other SALS you want us to set up?

Is Everyone Stitching this weekend?


Bernice said...

I stitch almost every evening so any day will work for me

Tracy J said...

I stitched all day today on Fairy Flora. I got the second wing done, oh yeah! It was a bear! I advise to find an alternative anytime a chart calls for kreinik blending filament. I will post a pic soon.

Terry said...

I can't wait to see fairy flora I have had her in my stash ever since she came out and you will encourage me to start her :..

Me too Bernice, I try to stitch every evening too.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Tracy, I never use the blending filament. In fact it put me off Kreinik for years, I always sub 1 strand of DMC for blending filament.
This year I have started using Kreinik #4 for metallics which is great stuff!
I also have some Madeira metallics I won but haven't used yet.
Any day for Joan is good for me - it could be Thursday - Joan's Jeudi if you want alliteration! or maybe Fursday Fairies!